Sexual Health Boost From Aphrodisiacal Scents: Pumpkin Spice

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The beginning of autumn brings many joys – cooler temperatures, colorful foliage and the often ridiculed diffuse spread of all pumpkin spices. Men may be surprised to learn that the latter can indeed be beneficial for sexual health.

The connection between the olfactory system and emotional and psychological states is quite well established. The area of the brain where people process smells is the same area in which sexual thoughts and desires arise. Therefore, some perfumes have the properties of an aphrodisiac. Some of the flavors in question are quite intuitive – for example, lavender and musk. But the aroma of pumpkin pie occupies a lesser known and quite high place in the list of tantalizing flavors.


In a recent study, 31 male volunteers wore scent masks while their penis’s blood flow was tested. The study included 30 fragrances – 24 individual fragrances and 6 combinations of 2 fragrances. All participants were first given an odorless mask to measure blood flow in the penis.

All the flavors tested caused at least an increase in blood flow to the penis, but two of the three main bloodstream enhancers included the aroma of pumpkin pie: a combination of pumpkin pie and lavender, resulting in a 40% increase, and the smell of pumpkin pie and doughnut, which gives a 20% increase. Second place went to a combination of doughnut flavors and black liquorice with a 31.5% increase. The smell of pumpkin pie alone increased blood flow by 8.5%.

Soaks up the smell of autumn

Therefore, men who want to stimulate sexual desire and erectile function, it may be useful to include the smell of traps in their sex life. There are several ways to do this:

“Bake the cake! Whether homemade or bought in a store, pumpkin pie in the oven can fill the house with a sexy flavor.

Buy pancakes from fresh pumpkin. Enjoy the combined action of these powerful fragrances.

A burning candle. Light a pumpkin spice candle to fill the room with goodies. Also, consider lighting a lavender candle, as these two fragrances turned out to be the strongest label team in the study.

“Drill the coffee. Choose a chic latte with pumpkin spices to add joy to the morning.

  • Lotion/lavender soap: use body remedies with lavender flavor and also ask a partner. This will retain a sweet flavor for husband and partner while they enjoy pumpkin treats.

Choose candles wisely

Not all candles are created equally when it comes to the ability to boost libido. A 2009 study at the University of South Carolina found that oil-based candles, which are often inexpensive and have an artificial flavor, release toxins into the air that can reduce sex drive. Do not fight the sexual side of pumpkin spice with pollutants; Look for candles made from other materials, such as beeswax. The same goes for lavender and other flavors.

Be careful to smell everywhere

In addition to stimulating pleasant and exciting odors, of course, it is good to reduce unpleasant odors that can interfere with sexual arousal. Take out the garbage; Wash dirty socks take a shower.

Another common area of bad smell for men – penis. Although washing in warm water and possibly with a mild cleanser is usually enough to ward off strong male odors, some men receive extra protection. Penile health cream (medical professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) with vitamin A can help.

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